End of the year MTLNewTech showcases StartupStache and community achievements

End of the year MTLNewTech showcases StartupStache and community achievements 5795After its 5th year and 60th edition celebration, Montreal NewTech is holding its last edition of the year at new location Café République. The event promises to get together the whole startup community and celebrate the community achievements. Event organizer Heri Rakotomalala will present a recap of Montreal NewTech in 2013, summing up the different monthly events throughout the year as well as other community involvements. Noah Redler from Startup Canada Montreal will present the achievements in building a strong Montreal and Canadian startup ecosystem, such as successes, investments, new structures, and overall numbers. This time, MTL NewTech is also synonymous of startupstache, a community initiative to help bring awareness to prostate cancer. It will salute the time and energy put forward by members of the community to raise funds for a valuable cause, in times where 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with this form of cancer. David   Read more…

MTL NewTech #46 ft. Skymotion, PicWaan, Fortem, Trendr and demo tables

5957973303_c46df397f5 4794 What The Montreal NewTech Demo is a monthly event where five startups present their latest product for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes Q&A + networking. Where Google Montreal 1253 Avenue McGill College #150 - Montreal When: Tuesday 4th September 2012 Event page: http://twtvite.com/mtlnewtech46 Registration is compulsory (security won't let people who just show at the door) The Lineup!
  • SkyMotion (@skymotioninc): Highly Accurate, Highly Localized Precipitation forecasting
  • Fortem - Omnipresence 3D Central Command is a platform built using our internally developed 3D engine, designed for enterprise and government security departments, so that they can react faster during crises and conduct more effective investigations day-to-day.
  • Trendr (@trendrinc) - Trendr is a mobile meeting platform for in person networking
  • SendGrid
  • PicWaan (@picwaan) PicWaam a fun an easy way to help you make better decisions using your Facebook friends on your iPhone or iPod.
Demo Tables Besides the demos, there are   Read more…

MTL NewTech : Come discover 5 new tech startups: DrupalSun, QA On Request, Recruit.ee and more

MTL NewTech : Come discover 5 new tech startups: DrupalSun, QA On Request, Recruit.ee and more 4444MTLNewTech is inviting all tech entrepreneurs, developers, designers and those who are interested in technology startups to come to the monthly newtech demo event, where 5 new tech startups use the opportunity to publicly launch their startup, in front of a large tech audience. Like previous events, it's held at McKibbins on bishop st (corner Ste-Catherines), and is an event designed for the technology community: there's no entrance fee, and as such, it's a great opportunity to meet newcomers. Here's the line-up:
  • DrupalSun is an online aggregator of curated RSS feeds, featuring a UI optimized both for easily skimming new items and searching through archives. It's made by the folks from EvolvingWeb
  • QA on Request is a web and software testing company. We specialize in testing mobile apps, web sites, video games and software projects during the development phase, making sure they are bug-free   Read more…

Join talents and startups at MTL Startup Talent and NewTech demos

Join talents and startups at MTL Startup Talent and NewTech demos 3286Next week, there is a major event you don't want to miss: a special NewTech demo, with a new and exciting event just before it called MTL Startup Talent. #MTLStartupTalent aims to connect companies that are hiring with talent looking for employment. This event will bring together startups and early stage companies working with cutting edge technologies, all looking to hire the best in Web, Mobile Development, Design, Blogging,  Marketing, Sales, Advertising and Social Media. For individuals, this event will offer employment opportunities while increasing awareness of the growing opportunities within exciting local startups and established tech companies. It will demonstrate the dynamism and diversity of Montreal’s startup community and how rapidly it is growing. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Access to great job opportunities at great companies
  • A chance to converse with an employee or founder and start to build a relationship
  • A casual (yet serious) environment to network with others in your   Read more…

CoFounders today 6pm at Notman House

CoFounders today 6pm at Notman House 3282We're getting very busy for local events -- and I haven't had the time to announce new events. Today 6pm is co-founders lounge, at Notman House (51 Sherbrooke west), an event dedicated for technology entrepreneurs, where you can meet passionate programmers wanting to build their own product, and smart business entrepreneurs, experts in marketing and social media. The goal? Get to inspire someone... a special someone that might be your next co-founder. We're doing this event specifically for those who have a hard time after they get their initial idea, i.e. where do I go from here. See this video to get a feel of the event: As you can see, we are using the speed dating format, which allows you to meet everyone. It's intense, fun and at the same time more productive than any networking event you have been to. RSVP on Twtvite     Read more…

[Upcoming] Montreal NewTech #35 with groupmo, hibe, crytpocat, huwhere and wavo.me

5413990362_a6f13c81f91 3258Last month was the third anniversary of the Montreal NewTech demos, and we're not missing a single edition. Come at this month's NewTech event, meet new and established tech entrepreneurs, programmers, as well as all the startup supporters who are coming: lawyers, consultants, investors, bloggers etc. We will begin the event with the usual networking, at McKibbins' 2nd floor, demonstrations of four newly launched startups, and at the end, you will have an opportunity for community announcements, such as new events, job offers, or if you are new in town, present yourself to the 50-60 people in the room. The 5 presenting startups are:

Helping entrepreneurs understand legal issues & connect with lawyers

Helping entrepreneurs understand legal issues & connect with lawyers 3250This last tuesday, we had LawyersLounge, the first of its kind in Montréal. The goal was simple: raise awareness of legal issues that tech entrepreneurs have to go through, and at the same time, connect with practising lawyers willing to reach out to the community. Like accountants and other professionals who support tech entrepreneurs (VCs?), lawyers solve specific problems that require education, experience and savviness to find the right structure, and help the company save time & money. Many technology entrepreneurs, especially those who come from a heavy engineering background, or first-time entrepreneurs, are tempted to shy away from legal issues, perhaps by lack of understanding, perhaps fearing the costs associated with legal counsel, or perhaps with a conviction that all available time and resources should be allocated to product design and development. And they can choose freely to do so, but at their own expense & peril, as the   Read more…

LawyersLounge, an opportunity to get your legal questions answered

phillips-lounge-2-21572-regular 3214We're excited to bring a new event that aims to bridge the gap between tech entrepreneurs and lawyers. The event is called LawyersLounge, and as the name suggests, is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with Montréal lawyers and get answers from their legal questions. The event is planned Sep 27th and is done in association with Mike Citrome from Spiegel Sohmer, and the NewTech group. Mike recently co-organized IgniteMontreal 2011, while most know about NewTech events, such as the NewTech demos, co-founders and TheBugHunt. The event will have a series of presentations for tech startups, with advice on how to setup your company, dealing with your co-founders, local agreements, as well a presentation from a local successful tech entrepreneur. Here's the list: Frank Zylberberg - a Beginner's Guide To Setting Up Your Company Adam Saskin - What Start-Up Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Non-Competition Agreements (Especially While You Have a   Read more…