Is your Startup Hosted in Montreal?

Hostingcon 5283Last week, I was at Hostingcon, a yearly Conference and Trade Show for Web Hosting and Cloud Service Providers, which took place in Austin, TX. I had the chance to represent iWeb and share my thoughts about How to Build a Cloud on a panel discussion with Ditlev from OnApp, Rob from Dell (also sitting on the Openstack board), Tony from Flexiant and Ryan from Microsoft on a panel that discussed the technologies, pitfalls and challenges of building a Cloud. My view on the subject was that Cloud Platforms are gaining maturity and that in order to Build a Cloud today you should build it on top of an existing platform. Whether you are going to choose Openstack, OnApp, Microsoft, Cloudstack, Flexiant, Open Nebula or another platform will mostly depend on your expertise,   Read more…

Canadian ISPs and telecom providers asked to install spying equipment

Canadian ISPs and telecom providers asked to install spying equipment 4263Over in Ottawa, a new legislation is going to be presented today to the press, and there are consequences for the digital industry in Canada. The new online security bill gives police access to personal details without a warrant, and the government has taken a hard stance on the legislation. The new bill would require ISPs and cellular phone companies to install equipment for real-time surveillance and create new police powers designed to obtain access to the surveillance data. That means that data centers, telecommunications companies like Bell or Rogers, web hosting providers, and also web startups will need to add new networking equipment to automatically log in email addresses, names, IP adresses and other personal information. The rhetoric is that the new measure would help fight online child pornography, but in many developed and non-developed countries (with --cough-- extremist regimes), the same rhetoric has been used over and over,   Read more…

OVH planning 360,000 servers in Montréal

ovh octave 3815The big news today is that Europe's biggest web hosting company, OVH, is confirming its presence in Canada, with a data center right in Montreal. The numbers are too big too be true, yet it's on the CEO's twitter feed, and he reconfirms it again later. To give you an idea what 360,000 servers represents, Facebook has only 60,000 servers to run the #2 most visited site in the world. Here's a more detailed ranking (Sep. to Nov. 2011 figures)
  • Google: 1 million+ servers
  • Microsoft: 500k servers
  • OVH: 100,000 servers + 360,000 servers
  • HP: around 300k servers
  • SoftLayer: 100,000 servers
  • Akamai Technologies: 95,000 servers
  • Amazon: undisclosed, certainly > 70k servers
  • Rackspace: 78,717 servers
  • Intel: 75,000 servers
  • 1&1 Internet:  70,000 servers
  • Facebook: 60,000 servers
  • LeaseWeb: 36,000 servers
  • Intergenia: (PlusServer/Server4You), 30,000 servers
  • SBC Communications: 29,193 servers
  • Verizon: 25,788 servers
  • 360,000 is then 6 times more than Facebook's entire infrastructure, and it's all coming downtown Montreal. To be fair, you can't   Read more…

    The most dedicated product owner in Montreal

    The most dedicated product owner in Montreal 3793In the category of product owners, I don't think you can beat Michael Daudignon of iWeb. Most product owners have a vision of the product, and yes most are passionate, but only a few take it personally as much as Michael, who decided to sing about the joy and merriness that the Smart Server brings. With the control panel as illustrated below, Michael says you can control your server. Compared to Amazon who doesn't offer a control panel for their customers or Rackspace which has a minimalist cp, iWeb apparently will allow anyone to easily manage your server's configuration. This is in constrast to startups in Montréal who choose to take a more clinical approach to product ownership, and leave instead to the marketing team or the whole company to do all the communication (traditional or not) of the product. Here's another shot of Michael who chose to disguise as Super-smart-man,   Read more…

    iNovia invests in YC startup vidyard, along with other top Valley VCs

    iNovia invests in YC startup vidyard, along with other top Valley VCs 3426vidyard is making headlines for its $1.65m investment, by SoftTech VC, youtube co-founder Jawed Karim, YCombinator, iNovia Capital Andreessen Horowitz and other investors. vidyard provides a professional video hosting service, for companies who use video to communicate about their products, but basically don't want them to click on the video and get lost on the youtube wonderland. As such, it targets all new hopeful entrepreneurs who are all looking to do video tours of their shiny saas service, or SMBs needing who want to capture all their visitors. I can imagine also all the ecommerce sites and all the SEO specialists who will advise the service, in search of that additional +1% to convert in their optimization funnels. vidyard is one of those interesting tools like launchrock or mailchimp -- a specialized marketing tool that will give you instant credibility on the market. The pricing is a little off though,   Read more…

    iWeb launches new site; and spins-off shared hosting division

    iWeb launches new site; and spins-off shared hosting division 3402In a move that follows its recent privatisation, iWeb has launched a new site showcasing its dedicated server offerings, with a highlight on the SmartServer product, its advanced control panel. For those who know the company, the biggest difference is that the new site more focused: it doesn't mention anymore non-virtualized server hosting. Another big difference is that shared hosting is know Funio. It leaves more freedom then for iWeb to present itself as a dedicated server specialist. Announced earlier, iWeb's goal is now to reach $100m quarterly revenues in 4 years, which means they plan to do most of their revenues on dedicated hosting (plus enterprise services such as colocation). Here's quite an *intense* video: It shows they are quite proud of their new product. Compared to Amazon or other known cloud hosting offers, iWeb differentiates itself by taking a more consumer approach, with a more user-friendly control   Read more…

    MTLSec meetup Nov 16th

    MTLSec meetup Nov 16th 3377This is a bit of last-minute, and is targeted at a niche but active and growing community in Montreal, those who are working in computer security. MTLSec is organizing an informal get together at Vieux-Dublin this evening. You can talk about the latest hackfest in Quebec city which got the team Amish Security from ETS winning, or talk about SOPA, which is making rounds on the Internet today. On another note, if you are feeling less knowledgeable in infosec, you can also go to the co-founders event today at notman house   Read more…

    Blame Stella monitoring 1000 sites

    Blame Stella monitoring 1000 sites 3326BlameStella, which was launched in January this year, made an appearance today at FounderFuel. Delano Mandelbaum came with his new co-founder, Chris Murtaugh, announcing at the same time new ambitions. The product in itself isn't much different from its launch; we've seen the unique presentation from the 19th century, the open source availability, as well as reports that are easy to read. The status page that can be shown to customers to demonstrate reliability is also still there. The product had a big focus on website developers at that time though, and now, Delano announced he was confident Blame Stella can be used to monitor 600 millions sites out there. There are little new changes here and there, such as the use of "plain English" so anyone can understand the performance of their site. New features includes multi-zones monitoring, as well as a planned multi-step monitoring, available in a freemium   Read more…