Introduction aux WebSockets avec Atmosphere – Présentation du Montréal Java User Group à Google Montréal

Introduction aux WebSockets avec Atmosphere – Présentation du Montréal Java User Group à Google Montréal 4910Le groupe des utilisateurs java de Montréal offre une présentation sur la création d'applications Web temps réel en utilisant le projet Atmosphere. La présentation débutera par l'introduction des techniques Comet et du protocole HTML5 WebSocket. Une introduction au projet Atmosphere sera ensuite effectuée et une application sera développée pour démontrer les concepts d'Atmosphere et sa facilité d'utilisation. La présentation se terminera avec la démonstration d'une application d'Atmosphere exécutée dans le nuage Amazon. Pizza et boissons seront gracieusement offertes par Google Montréal, qui nous offre également ses locaux pour l'événement ! Noter que, pour des raisons de sécurité, l'enregistrement est obligatoire et la billeterie sera fermée 2 jours avant l'événement. Enregistrez-vous sur Eventbrite maintenant ; il ne reste que quelques places de disponible. Présentateur : Jeanfrançois Arcand Jeanfrançois travaille dans le développement logiciel depuis   Read more…

Taming the Spaghetti: Rich Web Applications with Errai [Montreal Java User Group]

tnt_rubysands_6_logo 4826The Montreal JUG is back from summer vacation, with a great presentation of the new Errai framework by the core developers from Red Hat jBoss! Register now at! In today’s Web applications, the complexity of the code written for the browser rivals the complexity of the server-side code. Handwritten JavaScript isn’t cutting it anymore. Errai brings a proven server-side programming model to the browser. In this session, members of the Errai team demonstrate how to build rich Web applications the toolable, typesafe way and without boilerplate. Errai offers a concise programming model for building next-generation Web applications by combining the best of two worlds: JavaScript and Java. It enables powerful client-server communication and brings Java enterprise standards to the browser by leveraging the Google Web Toolkit compiler. About the speakers:

MTL NewTech #46 ft. Skymotion, PicWaan, Fortem, Trendr and demo tables

5957973303_c46df397f5 4794 What The Montreal NewTech Demo is a monthly event where five startups present their latest product for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes Q&A + networking. Where Google Montreal 1253 Avenue McGill College #150 - Montreal When: Tuesday 4th September 2012 Event page: Registration is compulsory (security won't let people who just show at the door) The Lineup!
  • SkyMotion (@skymotioninc): Highly Accurate, Highly Localized Precipitation forecasting
  • Fortem - Omnipresence 3D Central Command is a platform built using our internally developed 3D engine, designed for enterprise and government security departments, so that they can react faster during crises and conduct more effective investigations day-to-day.
  • Trendr (@trendrinc) - Trendr is a mobile meeting platform for in person networking
  • SendGrid
  • PicWaan (@picwaan) PicWaam a fun an easy way to help you make better decisions using your Facebook friends on your iPhone or iPod.
Demo Tables Besides the demos, there are   Read more…

MTLStartupTalent announces Talent challenge, win $3000 in prizes

MTLStartupTalent announces Talent challenge, win $3000 in prizes 4334With Google Montreal, MTLStartupTalent announced yesterday evening a challenge open to anyone interested in solving a Montreal-specific problem. Interested participants are invited to register on the contest site (deadline: monday). The winning team will get a $2500 cash prize plus also an invitation to the google Montréal new offices, and have a special meeting with Google engineers and staff. There's also a $500 cash prize for the runner-up, plus also an invitation to tour the Google offices. Closing on March 10th, the challenge runs for around 3 weeks, and should be very interesting to any student, professionals, entrepreneurs, or freelancers interested in putting their talent to good use, see what they can really do in 3 weeks, and hope to be first, of course to win the prize, but also because of the generated publicity. What's also interesting is that the contest is not a pure "programming"   Read more…

[Upcoming] Google Montreal announces HTML5 hackathon

[Upcoming] Google Montreal announces HTML5 hackathon 3255Google, a company known for its love for engineers, and ready to snap any top programming talent, has announced a big hackathon for the end of October. While it's organized on a wednesday afternoon (Oct 26th), Google Montreal hopes to gather 75 programmers, from noon till early evening. The community from NewTech and also Notman House is invited to participate, with presenting projects to win great prizes. As everyone knows, HTML5 is hot currently, since it's a great way to quickly publish a cross-platform app, without investing heavily in iOS or java development. Specifically, Google Montréal wants to introduce to developers their numerous API, as well as other tool available for Chrome, and as an extension, the Chrome OS. Check out here for the complete list of APIs starring at the event. Let's cross fingers they'll give out winners Chromebooks!   Read more…

[Upcoming] YearOneLabs / Google Hackathon, Jan 22nd

[Upcoming] YearOneLabs / Google Hackathon, Jan 22nd 2089YearOneLabs are organizing early next year a hackathon, on Jan 22nd, at RPM. It will be a day fully dedicated to application development on the Google App Engine platform. Sean Lynch, product manager for Google App Engine, will be in Montréal that day to help developers jumpstart with App Engine. Although Google App Engine has technical limitations preventing development of elaborate and exotic web services, it's still one of the top platform for python and java developers. It provides a free service for small apps, does not require a sysadmin for installation or maintenance (with its pros and cons) and you get the luxury of being on Google's systems, which is impossible to beat. If you are looking for a platform, or if you just want to meet other developers, this upcoming hackathon is recommended. It's also noteworthy that YearOneLabs is looking for a python dev, as a cofounder for localmind,   Read more…