MontrealTechWatch is dedicated to innovation and technology in Montreal. It aims to connect Montreal to all the major hubs of innovation and leverages these networks to create value for local talent.

As such, MontrealTechWatch is open to any collaboration that would link to networks in Canada, US, Europe and beyond, especially if it’s feasible to offer it everyone.


MontrealTechWatch is key behind #MTLStartupTalent and MTL NewTech, 2 grassroots, hacker-friendly, talent-oriented events.

You can find also a list of events here. Montreal is a busy city, with 5 to 15 events each week, so we do not write about events.

If you want coverage of your event (pre-publicity + articles about startups), we require and would highly appreciate to have MontrealTechWatch listed as a media partner (Logo display png + link to http://montrealtechwatch.com ). If that is not possible, you can choose to only write “Thanks to MontrealTechWatch and x and x for covering the event” but we’ll dedicate resources and attention accordingly.

Jobs, Business Development

Currently, we advise everyone looking for business to meet us at local events. Scalable solutions for business networking are now currently developed.

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