Updated : Now on kickstarter.

Through indiegogo.com, a crowdfunding platform for creative projects, A3D Innovation wants you to get your hand on the vertiGOmug. An innovative way to enjoy your coffee or tea without burning your tongue. “We invite the consumer to be part of this adventure with us,” says Véronique Bibeau-Poissant, President of A3D Innovation and co-founder with her husband. “If people like the vertiGOmug project, they can pledge money to make it happen quickly and receive their vertiGOmug in return.”

For the vertiGOmug team, a simple problem needs a simple solution : Every day, the “first sip” of coffee burns millions of people using a mug. You can wait ages for the coffee to be drinkable, then before you know it, it’s cold and only good for the sink. What a waste.

Roberto Barbusci came up with the idea of dividing a mug or a tumbler in two separated compartments; one that keeps beverage hot and another one that cools down some sips in seconds to prevent burns. A day after talking about the idea to his wife Véronique, they decide to begin the vertiGOmug design and build several prototypes before giving birth to the ideal and patent pending solution. The couple successfully achieved their ‘aesthetic thrill’ collection; an innovative mugs line made of sustainable materials where you will always put your lips on ceramics that will make every cup a comforting experience down to the last drop.

“Unlike paper or plastic cups, vertiGOmug does not react at high temperature so it does not alter the taste or quality of your premium coffee or tea,” says Roberto Barbusci, industrial designer at A3D Innovation and co-founder with his wife. “It’s also an effective way of preventing billions of disposables cups from ending up in landfills every year.”

Visit Vertigomug.com or its crowdfunding page  crowdfunding page (now on Kickstarter) to reserve your vertiGOmug !



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