Released today, Startup Guide provides a strategic 10,000 feet view of the key players in Montreal. As such, it doesn’t really answer to the question “How do i start a technology company”, but aims more to see the links between major players, major events and news, and tries to see what’s missing in the equation.

montreal startup map guide

Universities have been added to the map, although they are not doing anything, apart from special entities such as msbiv or univalor. Hopefully, they will see what Stanford or Boston-based universities are doing. At the moment, the map also doesn’t show locations of startups, as it will probably be too crowded, but let’s hope it will be visible in the future with another layer.

There is also a calendar of main events and main news at the bottom (from the twitter account @mtlstartupguide).

Check out the map and tell us below if you find it interesting

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