An initiative started in 2008 by UK prime minister Gordon Brown and Carl Scharmm, CEO of Kauffman foundation, Global Entrepreneurship Week has since then grown to 115 countries worldwide, with over 24,000 partners participating and 7 million participants. The week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and startups that bring new creative ideas to life — similar to other famous initiatives by the foundation such as Startup Weekend.

Last year, apart from a UX event at Bolidea and a few user groups meetups, there wasn’t really anything going on in Montreal. This year, Toronto gets Startup Weekend, Québec City will also get a Startup Weekend. So what’s going on in Montreal?

That’s where Dawson comes in. The college has taken the bold initiative to get together a wide array of activities and startup events in a 4-days intense and creative entrepreunarial bootcamp, inviting of course their students to participate but also the larger Montreal entrepreneurial community to join in, making it the de facto go-to place for Global Entrepreneurship Week in Montreal. Featuring speakers from Google Montreal, BeyondTheRack, Tuxedo, Kyle MacDonald from One Red Paper as well as activities such as speed dating between new entrepreneurs and potential mentors, the event is set to catalyze a creative entrepreneurship ecosystem in Montreal. Check out the official website for a more detailed programming of activities.

The College is no stranger to entrepreneurship. Dawson was one of the main supporters of Montreal Startup Weekend and the College is also on path to launch an incubator for its 11,000 day and night-time students who would want to work on creative entrepreneurial ventures. The Global Entrepreneurship Week at the College is in itself just the first step to grow the local interest for creative entrepreneurship. It’s a great move, since entrepreneurs and various organizations have been trying for years to get students and educational institutions to get involved in startups and entrepreneurship. The creative angle gets even more interesting, when one remembers Cirque Du Soleil’s CEO Daniel Lamarre call to make Montreal the worldwide capital of creativity. Congrats to Dawson for this bold initiative!

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