I am Xath Cruz, one of your new Montreal Tech Watch writers. I am happy to start a new Product Presentation Serie on Montreal Tech Watch where I will detail a product and share my humble opinion on products developed by Montreal startups or other products that are worth a tech watch mention. I invite Montreal Startups to send us news and insights about their products at news@montrealtechwatch.com in order for us to plan future articles!

I also invite the startup that is reviewed to provide feedback and reply to my article if they feel like it. This way I can provide updates with more accurate or enhanced informations.

I will start the review serie with MConcierge.

Backed by the Montrealstartup Fund, which is also behind products like VanillaForums, StatusNet and Beyond the Rack. MConcierge announced its financing about one year and a half ago. We thought it was a good idea to take a new look at the product today.

What is MConcierge?

In the fast paced world of the techno savvy traveller, having everything in the tip of fingers is a must, even a service that was traditionally provided for by an actual person. Some hotels now offer concierge services at a tap of a finger. Software companies have created programs which offer insider information that a concierge from a high-end hotel would normally know. This premium service, normally exclusive to five-star hotels, are now accessible to lower-star hotels. MConcierge made it possible.

Personalized Customer Service in the Digital Age

MConcierge is a complete mobile concierge system that transcends human connection. MConcierge is a mobile application that provides guests of a hotel with the ability to request and obtain services normally provided by a hotel concierge like taking room service orders, requesting a wake-up call, requesting transportation and many other hotel services. Just like the traditional concierge, MConcierge features city guides for up and coming events that a guest might be interested in, provides directory links and reservation capability for local restaurant, theaters and shops all of which are available to the guests directly on their mobile device. It also includes information that can be tailor-made to fit the hotel’s image and branding.

Unique Selling Point

Aside from providing concierge service, the hotel and staff benefits with the information reaped from the guests using the software. In the past, it’ll take years, several visits from a guest, and a skillful concierge to find out what specific guests require and like.

MConcierge allows the hotel staff to get to know the guests with the use of social media channels. It enables the staff to interact and connect to the guest even when the guest has yet to arrive. Bottom line is that valuable information accumulated from guest interactions enables the hotel to provide a truly personalized experience that will result to higher guest loyalty.

In addition, with a 24/7 connection with the guests, customer service and retention becomes more convenient and efficient.

Our view : It Is Good But need to step up

With the rise of the demand for mobile concierge apps, MConcierge need to step it up as it offers almost exactly the same things that most concierge apps in the market. One of the things lacking from is that the app promises to do a lot of things for the hotel but neglects to explain on how exactly they can deliver.

The Mobile Concierge App by Yabbedoo, a competitor, addresses this concern with a 2 minute video on YouTube.

The transformation of the hotel concierge into digital form is quickly becoming a trend for hotels around the world. MConcierge’s countless clients prove that they can deliver their promises. However, they have the opportunity to step beyond what is expected and put the name above all the other concierge apps.

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  • Anthony

    To whom this concerns at montrealtechwatch,

    Thanks for the review but there seems to be some disconnect on the platforms we have launched since our last round of funding announcement in the summer of 2011 ( two links below techcrunch and ehotelier).
    http://ehotelier.com/hospitality-news/item.php?id=D24047_0_11_0_M The app is not the only platform that our clients interact with.
    We will have some exciting new announcements upcoming.

  • http://twitter.com/spotr Tomas Schmidt

    Thank you for the coverage of our company. However, since MConcierge was not contacted as part of the research for this article, it does not provide an accurate assessment of our current products and capabilities. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our company and products in detail in order to provide your audience with a more accurate assessment of our company.

    Tomas Schmidt
    VP Product, MConcierge Systems Inc.

    • http://jp.rlauzier.com Jean-Philippe Rivard Lauzier

      Like I said at Anthony, our writer will review soon the article and update it if necessary. However, maybe you should update your website with all information about your product. We should be able to write an article about your product without contacting you.

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