The Montreal JUG is back from summer vacation, with a great presentation of the new Errai framework by the core developers from Red Hat jBoss!

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In today’s Web applications, the complexity of the code written for the browser rivals the complexity of the server-side code. Handwritten JavaScript isn’t cutting it anymore. Errai brings a proven server-side programming model to the browser. In this session, members of the Errai team demonstrate how to build rich Web applications the toolable, typesafe way and without boilerplate. Errai offers a concise programming model for building next-generation Web applications by combining the best of two worlds: JavaScript and Java. It enables powerful client-server communication and brings Java enterprise standards to the browser by leveraging the Google Web Toolkit compiler.

About the speakers:

  • Christian Sadilek is a Senior Software Engineer at JBoss by Red Hat, and a core developer of the Errai framework. As a long-time Java EE developer, Christian’s focus is on developer productivity, in particular for web application development.
  • Jonathan Fuerth is a Senior Engineer at JBoss by Red Hat and a core member of the Errai team. In his spare time, you will find Jonathan co-leading the Toronto Java Users Group (, home-brewing beer, and playing with the latest and greatest stuff in the Java ecosystem. Jonathan previously spoke at JavaOne 2010 about Blinkenlights Stereoscope, a super-sized Java-based video screen that used each window of Toronto City Hall as an individual pixel.
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