For decision makers, navigating through Twitter, Facebook and Youtube is scary. You hear about the power of the crowd, brands being trashed on those sites, crowd-mobbing because a celebrity has had a bad experience somewhere. Plus they also hear from all marketing and business experiences that small, medium and large companies have to be there.

What do you do though? Early adopters hire a “community manager” whose task is to reply to various twitter users, maybe contribute to the blog, and post cool pictures on Facebook. When it comes down to numbers and accountability though, nobody has answers. Twitter numbers don’t show engagement, and it’s hard to distinguish marketing efforts from your community manager from organic growth.

That’s where eValue comes in. With a strong knowledge of what executives want, eValue provides companies a clean dashboard where you can compare your company’s social presence to your competitors’s presence. Now, managers have a tool to judge if their social media employees and campaigns are efficient.

There are many other social media monitoring for companies on the market. eValue have also actionable insights where you get recommendations on improving the social media campaigns, plus alerts if there’s any crisis on a social media platform about your brand.

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