Following the end of Montreal New Tech a bunch of us ended up in a resto nearby. There I met “Michael Shpigelman“. A burly looking fellow with an ever present smile. He looked more like a Judo wrestler than a startup guy.  Turned he’s both.

Me: Oh, so it’s like “Kickstarter” for Athletes?

Michael: *big smile followed by a fist bump*

If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter it’s a platform that people use to fund things. Often weird things like “Make love on a canvass” kit…

For example you want to film a documentary, but need 1000$ dollars. You can create a project and ask for pledges. Once you reach the intended goal of 1000$ the money gets transferred to you. People that pledged money receive non-monetary “perks”. These usually depend on the amount of money that you’ve invested. Perks range from a signed post card to hanging out with the movie cast.

Defining Kickstarter takes a whole paragraph. There’s just too many things. Makeachamp can be described in 4 words:

Platform for sponsoring Athletes.

A hypothetical example would be an athlete that needs 1500$ to travel to a training camp.

-She/he creates a project on Makeachamp.

-You pledge the funds.

-Athlete completes training and wins a gold medal.

-You have just made a champion!

The perks looks pretty appealing. Imagine having one of the first signed posters of a rising sports star?

There is a working prototype of makeachamp and both co-founders (Michael and David) are Athletes who competed on the international level, so they understand needs of fellow Athletes and their supporters.

Picture one of those crazy soccer moms armed with Twitter and Facebook. Now picture her with See what I’m getting at?…

*big smile followed by a fist bump*

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