Hard to believe it’s already the 46th edition of Mtl New Tech. It’s one of the longest running Startup events in the city and focuses on most innovative companies.

Google Montreal graciously hosted the event and sponsored the drinks (the “Barefoot” wine was to die for!) Unfortunately because of Google’s competitive nature we were not allowed to take pictures inside the actual room.

Interesting presenters

The company which really stuck with me was “Skymotion”. The creator alleges that it can accurately predict the weather 2 hours in advance in a very specific location. It uses an advanced algorithm which analyze satellite shots.

In theory you can check if your favorite frisbee field will be rain free in the next couple of hours. The application is free to download and is currently available for iPhone. It’s a great conversation starter, especially in a place like Quebec. All we do is talk about the weather here.

“Fortem” was also interesting. If you think of Police as the “big brother” then think of them as the big brother’s “bigger brother”. It’s a brain behind a surveillance system which is able to detect a gunshot then track a vehicle automatically across different cameras. It links different surveillance systems into a single “whole”.

Fortem has already raised a large portion of their 2.5 million fundraising goal. Government tenders can be quite lucrative, so their future looks quite bright.

Covered by @ildarius

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  • http://twitter.com/danielgauthier Daniel Gauthier

    Hat’s off to you all. It was exciting and very interresting to be part or your group. Tks for the invite.

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