Check out iNovia’s announcements this week: Bomoda, a Chineese fashion startup, Top Hat Monocle, a startup in education gamification, AppDirect, cloud computing for millions of SMBs, and 33Across, which is in social graph.

You can see more comments here to get context about those investments.

What I was interested though was to get the big picture. The following is the list of VC (Angel, VC and a few Equity) in Montreal. As you can see, iNovia leads the pack, in total $ investments, diversity of portfolio, total number of participants. Of course, they’ve been around longer than most VC funds, but the announcements have been very consistent over the years. Real Ventures, Rho Canada have been also very active in 2011 and 2012.

If you see something missing, do send an email or tweet @mtw !

Note: investments by Anges-Quebec, Bolidea and a few others missing because no numbers announced

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  • Chrisarsenault

    Heri, it would be great to have a list of “just” the Quebec based Companies, even though interesting, the current list is somewhat half complete and we can base any assumptions on or derive any guidance or direction from. AppDirect as an example is doing extremely well and just got funded, yet even though AppDirect was mainly funded by Qc investors, Founders are Canadian and Advisors are based in Qc, it's a SF based company. Further more, fyi – we have recently completed 2 new Qc based investments, to be announced shortly, and 2 large follow on transactions last month into Montreal tech Companies weren't and will not be announced (as per company request). On the other hand you are missing the likes of such as $30M+ financing of LightSpeed Retail.

    All that to say that it would be great to have a Qc tech funded company list.

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