As the name suggests, FounderDating wants to get together engineers and entrepreneurs who are looking for cofounders. Jessica Alter is the mastermind behind FounderDating, making her mission to make sure that no entrepreneur walks away because they didn’t find the right partner. Started in San Francisco and spreading to New York, Austin, and Toronto, Jessica is now adding new cities in its network. See here VentureCapTV‘s special episode about FounderDating:

Joining the network is not easy though: a city has to have enough interested users (Montreal needs currently 27 other entrepreneurs to unlock, join here ), and users are also screened. That’s a key point: the network is guaranteed to have at least 50% technical members, and members need also to be highly motivated.

As entrepreneurs well know, finding cofounders is one of the major pain points, along with finding talented employees, or nailing that perfect pitch. Having a partner highly increases your chance of success, lets you focus on your area of expertise (business/tech), you speed up your development rate, and of course, you get also mutual encouragement when times get hard. Stats prove it, investors know it so if you don’t have a cofounder yet, work on it! I see FounderDating as a good complement to going to places such as Notman House, Startup Drinks, or the cofounders meetups, where you can find the most dedicated tech entrepreneurs, but where it’s not always possible to meet everyone.

Join here to unlock Montreal. Toronto has already 50+ applications, let’s get those 27 members Montreal!

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