Are you working with Facebook’s social API? Interested in twitter marketing? Or maybe working foursquare and new social apps? Head over this month to BuildSocial, co-organized by Andrew Sider and Paul Herrera. Read more to know everything about BuildSocial:

Who are the event organizers? What’s your experience with social APIs? Anything you’re doing currently with social APIs?

BuildSocial was started by our team at UrbanOrca. We are a few crazy startup-ers who love to build social products, and believe strongly in the power of social data and APIs. Our social discovery product is heavily integrated with platforms like Facebook, which has been an important part of our early success. My first experience building a social product was at, which is now the largest music app on Facebook with over 30 million users.

While Canadian companies haven’t been known for their leadership in the social arena, we have recently noticed some cool social projects emerging in Montreal. We started BuildSocial to bring this community together, pool resources and learnings, and give the community a voice in the global startup ecosystem.

It’s been a few years that companies have included social media monitoring strategies plus elaborate Facebook apps in their marketing campaigns. Are you also welcoming marketing agencies, IT companies and established companies at BuildSocial, or it’s going to be startup-focused?

BuildSocial events are for entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and product managers who are building a web or mobile product that is heavily integrated with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare.  Big and small companies are welcome to attend, but as entrepreneurs we are slightly biased towards startups J.  Most importantly, the events are free for all!

The event has been introduced as a meetup. Is it about meeting people, or is it focused on the learning aspect? There are 2 talks scheduled in the event.

Both.  Each event will have a learning and presentation component, followed by a time for casual discussion and networking.

Our upcoming “Building on Facebook” event includes 2 amazing presentations, where we’ll learn tips for mastering the Facebook API from some of Montreal’s brightest:

  • Serial entrepreneur Carl Mercier will be discussing his latest project (still in stealth mode)
  • Nicolas Cadou and Alice Bevan-McGregor (senior members of Le Site) will share learnings from building the Facebook game Bachelor Bachelorette (based on the popular TV show)

Like any good tech event, presentations will be followed by free beer to help stimulate some great discussion and networking.

The event is Wed, March 14 6:30pm at Notman House. There are a few spots left. You can sign up at

It’s introduced as “BuildSocial is a Montreal community”. Does that mean it’s going to be more than a one-off meetup? Anything more planned beyond the March 14th event?

We plan to have a monthly event, each one covering a unique theme. Our vision is for BuildSocial to be a sustainable community, which will require the active support and involvement of its members.  If you’d like to be involved in any way please contact me (@andrewsider, or Paul Herrera (@pherrera, ).


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