In the category of product owners, I don’t think you can beat Michael Daudignon of iWeb. Most product owners have a vision of the product, and yes most are passionate, but only a few take it personally as much as Michael, who decided to sing about the joy and merriness that the Smart Server brings. With the control panel as illustrated below, Michael says you can control your server.

iweb smart panel

Compared to Amazon who doesn’t offer a control panel for their customers or Rackspace which has a minimalist cp, iWeb apparently will allow anyone to easily manage your server’s configuration.

This is in constrast to startups in Montréal who choose to take a more clinical approach to product ownership, and leave instead to the marketing team or the whole company to do all the communication (traditional or not) of the product. Here’s another shot of Michael who chose to disguise as Super-smart-man, with a Smart car, for Halloween.

smart boy

I don’t know anybody in Montréal who’d be as creative (crazy?) to take this Richard Branson-esque approach to their product. Do you have examples? Do you know any community manager or product manager as quirky and imaginative as Michael?

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  • Eric Laramée

    Did we create a monster? ;)

    Good job Michael!

  • Michael Daudignon

    Great post ! Love it. Thanks !

  • Michael Daudignon

    Great post ! Love it. Thanks !

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