Alliance Numerique, a business network gathering multimedia content creators, just announced a new ambitious festival in fall 2011 called MTL DGTL. During 3 days, mobile, web and video games fans will be able to discuss, network, and talk about new ways to innovate in their space.


The first event is scheduled 31st Oct 2011, and is called Mobiz, and as the name suggests, invites anyone interested in the mobility space and mobile startups to gather through workshops and networking events.

On the same day, we’ll also have the first edition of Web-In, an opportunity to think about the web and re-invent the web of tomorrow.

The Atelier d’Innovation CINQ 2011 starts also on the 31st Oct 2011 and is aimed to propulse innovation through networking between entrepreneurs, researchers, and organizations.

Of course, the main event of the festival is still the Sommet International du Jeu de Montréal, a summit well-known worldwide, with famous professionals coming from all the world to present new practices and new technologies.

I’m looking forward for the WebIn event, as well as Mobiz, which has the potential of bringing more people in the technology & innovation space, especially in the french-speaking community.

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