Naysawn Naderi pitches ArtSumo.

Naysawn Naderi is a young software engineer / entrepreneur / traveller who wants to connect you with painters and artists from emerging countries. The quick video above was taken at the International Startup Festival last week so you can see how Naysawn is like (young & full of energy)

His new site features one exclusive painting every day to your inbox, coming from all parts of the world, such as the Middle East, Vietnam, Colombia, or even Japan and Russia, such as the painting below from Colombia. ArtSumo makes it very convenient, since they do the connection, plus also the price also covers shipping.

For those who have been to events or to places like Notman House, you might also have noticed Naysawn’s brightness. A past Microsoft developer, he travelled for a while, and is now an expert in Internet marketing. Sign up for the ArtSumo mailing list to discover new paintings!

I am an electrical engineer interested in disruptive ideas.. Founder of MontrealTechWatch, organizer at MTLNewTech, as well cofounder at SeedingFactory. Also likes photography in Montrea ...

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