Next week is going to be intense for the technology community in Montreal. With the startup festival, hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups are coming to the city, to connect with other entrepreneurs, mix with the crowd, sell their startup, and hear & listen what’s the best out there.

mtl newtech As part of the Startup Festival off-events, we’re organizing a special NewTech event. This one is for web & mobile startups coming from other cities. Here’s their chance to demo and showcase their new product to a tech-savvy audience! The event will be on the evening of July 12nd and we have between 4 to 5 spots available. If you want to present your company, or if you know any startup who’d like to grab the opportunity, let them know and contact us to get a spot.

Here is what past MtlNewTech demos look like (NewTech #28, NewTech #29, videos)

All NewTech demoes are filmed, plus there’s also great networking opportunities before & after the presentations.

See event page here. Don’t miss this opportunity!

PS: don’t also forget the regular (monthly) NewTech we are doing today at McKibbins. We have 5 companies presenting (Dishcrawl, touitouiTV, GetMeListed, Lifetimebook, Supermenu)

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