If you are using wordpress, then head over next Saturday & Sunday to WordCampMontreal 2011. Of course, the event is also aimed at wordpress designers, wordpress developers, and generally speaking, to anyone who is blogging.

Adrien O'Leary @ wordcampmontreal

As in previous years, the conference has 2 tracks, one for wordpress development, and another for bloggers. See the schedule here. Like most conference attendees though, you might find meeting others in hallway and between breaks more interesting than the sessions in themselves.

digibomb, jeremy clarke @ wordcampmontreal

Register here

Clever Cupcakes @ WordCampMontreal

Recon 2011 is also coming up this week, with the highlight during the weekend. It’s not a very well-known event, due to its nature as a computer security conference, focusing on reverse engineering and exploitation to hack networks and computers.

Unfortunately, registration is closed, unless you have $1,300 to spare for being an anonymous sponsor.

Interestingly, one of Recon’s main organizer is David Mirza, also behind Subgraph (with its Vega product reviewed here)

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