gOsuway is a brand new startup launched last week in close beta (i.e. accessible only with an invitation). It’s the brainchild of Pheze and “Torpille Rose”, two new entrepreneurs who want to connect gaming fans with status updates and shared media.

The site in itself looks a lot like Twitter, with users having different profiles, friending options, plus also an invitation to share screens, videos and links. According to gOsuway founders, a lot of time was spent tweaking the user signup process, thinking about badges and other UX features to encourage social activity.

Ultimately, gOsuway wants to gather all the fans who are watching starcaft2 replays over and over, or other highly competitive games. Currently, what most gamers do is subscribe on special youtube channels featuring voice commentary of matches, or subscribe on forums, where top games are featured by the community. gOsuway would offer fans and progamers of having their own channel, and like Twitter, be able to receive in real-time the updates. gOsuway also indicated on its homepage that groups and leagues will be supported soon, plus monetization options.

The idea of gOsuway is interesting, although it might have been simpler to have a dedicated Facebook/Twitter account, and invite friends & other members to post there. That’s what most progamers and procommenters do these days, and based on the huge following they have, it does seem to do the job. Even a simple match on youtube gets quickly thousands of comments by fans. Even if you needed your own “twitter for gamers” for branding purposes, having an identi.ca instance seems more natural than building a web app from scratch. In the end, what matters though if that community would welcome the special unique features that gOsuway has for them, and if the gamers would be ready to spend additional dollars to see pros playing. The 2 cofounders seem to allude so, believing that the starcraft craze that created an industry in South Korea would grow in north american countries.

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