, a service dedicated to save the day for men, has published a new countdown for Valentine’s day. The countdown displays a different product every day, each chosen by “professionals shoppers who will guarantee it will satisfy even the most particular woman”. The products can be purchased on the site and will be delivered before Valentine’s day. The site also offers free advice and date ideas.


The countdown is the last in a series of entertaining material and videos from the site: see for instance a provocative youtube trailer or another video released just today:

Jonathan Brun (@jonathanbrun), founder of the service, says he’s got already 600 men subscribed to the site and about the same number of women, and it’s obvious to see possible paths for growth: partnerships with sites like beyondtherack, deals with restaurants and hotels, and continue to produce interesting content to attract new customers.

The service raises eyebrows, of course. So is it possible to make your dear ones happy with a software-as-a-service site? Enterprising readers would think immediately about starting Or what about Subscribe for the low monthly price of $94/month and toys, babysitters, DVDs, pets will be right at your door for your kids! Can you imagine a future where all you need is a laptop/smartphone, and you’d be able to find all your products, experiences and advices through web services, and at the same time have web apps take care of your friends, coworkers ( ?) and family. Frankly, this scares me a little bit although the potential is also exciting at the same time. Is there a limit at all to startups?

Meanwhile, head over to MakeYourGirlFriendHappy for Valentine’s

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