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From Saguenay, we have the sports leagues management tool called ligues. It’s currently in beta, but already offers a complete array of tools for league leaders: schedule, teams, events, photos, forums plus many other features, as showcased here. In fact, pretty much you’ve envisioned for your favorite team sports is there.

Ligues was developed by Dominic Martineau, an experienced web developer, main developer on espaces.canoe.ca and other sites such as reseaucontact. He’s also listed on ligues.ca as a hockey player, and obviously took upon himself to develop a complete platform to manage a league, perhaps for the same amusing reasons pregnant hackers develop websites like babyli.st

6 months after its initial launch, the platform has currrently 150 users and four active leagues. It’s now traduced in English, and with the plethora of options, it certainly is an attractive option for thousands of amateur teams in Québec and Canada.

Dominic Martineau hopes to charge leagues a fee of $100 / year and also expand to 1000+ players leagues. Overall, ligues.ca is an impressive job in its current form for a single developer, in terms of feature list, but it might be worth to discuss in depth with league managers and discuss how this platform can benefit them, such as monetization options, e.g. collecting membership fees or selling merchandise.

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