Thanks to a tweet from @byosko, I’ve discovered a nice web2.0 service aplty named rrrewind

In a clean interface, rrrewind shows you today’s most famous content on link aggregators, online video, image hosters such as flickr as well as popular content on amazon and yahoo buzz. I like especially the standardized and unclutterred design which lets you skim easily content without being slowed down by fancy features, as opposed to sites like youtube or flickr which hides the most popular images or videos of the day drowned in a sea of user widgets.

As the name might suggest, rrrewind biggest’s feature though is its ability to rewind those homepages. Went in holidays in an Internet-free zone? You can click on the rewind button to the right, and shuffle quickly through the days. It’s also potentially useful for research and marketing purposes, since its archives goes as far as mid-2009 (in flickr’s case).

rrrewind was developed by Roberto Martinez (@earlyriser)

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