CakeMail, a Montreal-based email marketing service for agencies or consultants, has released just last week a major version of its software. The codename is Tiramisu and brings in all the shiny bells & whistles you could wish in an email marketing service: A/B testing, advanced analytics, dynamic content, an add-ons store, and more. The main new features are highlighted in a central page.

cakemail v3

This version thus makes Cakemail more flexible to its users, especially power-users. For instance, a major marketing campaign targeting different demographics can be carried using the dynamic content feature. A marketer still doing market research and still working on advertising copy can make a smart use of  the A/B feature. Even more, managers can get raw market data from Cakemail’s new analytics function. The new features do not fail to highly impress, compared to the service’s debut.

There are also new features made for easier  reselling of the Cakemail. Client management and rebranding of the tool have been improved. Of course, Cakemail still has its unique advantages: available in multiple languages, and its pluggable dynamic back-end.

All in all, Tiramisu puts Cakemail proudly amongst CampaignMonitor or MailChimp, two very well-known newsletters and email marketing service. Go give it a try! And congrats to François Lane (@cakemail_ceo) and the Cakemail team!

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