The compiled survey results aren’t all out yet, but a first glance from last week’s survey shows that a mentorship program was the #1 most wanted, well beyond other initiatives such as organizing democamps, getting more investors, or getting a startup school or house.

It’s a surprising result. For me, it shows that there are already many developing their projects or already having a product online, but they lack guidance and experienced advice on how to tackle obstacles, or even basic advice on how to properly start their tech project.

Since a survey is useless without action, we’ve discussed about setting up a mentorship event. It’s called Tap in Tuesdays and is instigated by Gabriel Sundaram, whom you’ve surely met if you’ve been to various entrepreneur events. The first event is scheduled next week, at Café des Éclusiers (we’re back!).

Gabriel Sundaram

Sébastien Provencher (@sebprovencher) will be the mentor at the first event, bringing with him 12 years of experience in the search and local business. With the Praized Media team, he has created active online communities, raised $1m seed round, launched 3 successive products, and secured partnerships with Yellow Pages and Google. Entrepreneurs, marketers, or even those of you who have a project in mind but can’t really see how to jumpstart the project would greatly benefit from a Q&A and discussion with Sebastien Provencher.

Of course, this is only the first event, and there are no elaborate plans on how relationships will be setup. We want to make is informal for the first time, and then see how it can be improved at the next sessions. Gabriel has more information on the event’s website.

If you want to come, get a spot by emailing

hope to see you there!

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