So it’s August 1st, middle of the summer and most of you are probably on a terrace, back or going to holidays, plus maybe a few hardcore techies still sleeping from a hard night coding (raise your hands hahaha)

Today we have a light and quite modest post I entitled “Montreal is the best startup city in the world”, since a few people on Hacker News were wondering what’s the best city to relocate if they can’t get a visa in the US. Here is what I wrote as a reply:

  • Strong, diverse and friendly startup scene. From 2 to 5 startup events every week. see calendar (View @mtlnewtech for more). Many local developer groups (ruby, python, php, .NET, javascript, uxmtl, etc.
  • Strong existing angel investors + new VC funds being created. You mention Toronto but actually there is more money flowing in Quebec
  • Montreal is half european and half north american, half-french, half-english. Lots of diversity, lots of creatives. Literature : “Nearly a fifth of the Montreal region’s workforce forms a super-creative core: techies & cultural & entertainment types … Montreal also benefits from its dense, compact geography. Most experts agree that innovation and productivity are driven by density, and Montreal ranks third among all North American cities in average population density” (thanks @sebpaquet for the find)
  • Montreal is 2nd happiest city in the world
  • 4 universities, plus engineering and business schools, such as McGill University, Hec Montréal, @SUPINFOMontreal or ETS
  • cost of living is cheap. Not as cheap as Bangalore of course, but cheaper than Toronto, Boston and of course cheaper than San Francisco or London, U.K.
  • lots of initiatives, one startup incubator (@bolidea), another one coming in September, blogs and publications dedicated to the community (MTW or also upcoming @nextmontreal), student/entrepreneur groups (@Startupifier), startup weekends (one coming in early October), conferences drawing hundreds of attendees (wordcamp, rocococamps, startupcamp, podcamp etc), big startup space soon (@notmanhouse)
  • plus of course many technology projects launched every month, in average 1 or 2 new products launching every week. OstrichApp launched 10 days ago featured on, BeyondTheRack funding, statusnet, vanilla forums, Tungle etc.

Note: You are welcomed to add more points, since I intend to bookmark this page and provide the link next time there’s a young entrepreneuring mind on Hacker News or a blog like TC.

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