For all those who miss the famous StartupDrinks, and also for those who haven’t had the chance to come to one, we’re doing one next wednesday, at Reservoir, 26th of Nov.

The venue is Reservoir, 9 Duluth East, and we’ve got all the second flour to ourselves. Signup at TechEntreprise if you want to come up at the event. The event is done in association with the tremendous help from the team from Flow Ventures (thanks to Raymond Luk and Robin)

There were StartupDrinks during the summer, the last one in August had 40 to 50 people going from 5.30pm up until 9pm. I had personally a great time, we even managed to get fashion shows plus great music… I expect to get the same number of people. If you are an existing entrepreneur, or are looking into getting into tech startups, it’s the ideal venue to come. Do also bring your friends or colleagues who might be interested.

As always, it’s the same great formula: gather everyone from the startup community in Montreal for one evening, grab a drink (or several…), talk about ventures you’re working on, or talk about new technologies you’re looking into. The event is informal, with the objective of hooking up people together, see what members of the community need help on, and see what they can do for each other.

See below pictures from previous events:

Café des éclusiers
Café des éclusiers

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