Neuralitic Systems has announced a $7 million funding from Vertex Venture Capital, an Israel-based venture Fund, as well as from BDC and Go Capital Fund, to fund their expansion.

neuralitic Neuralitic makes SevenFlow, an analytics software that allows telecom companies to see how wireless data access is consumed by their customers. Neuralitic states that since “voice revenues are flattening”, carriers are flocking to wireless data to maximize their revenue per subscriber. Neuralitic can then help carriers understand what their customers really wants, and ultimately offer them the appropriate application & service packages.

As Mark MacLeod points out, it’s all happenning in Montreal. iNovia Capital also announced 2 days ago a “multi-million” dollar investment in Nanoledge, which will be relocating to Canada. I’ve heard that things are not so rosy down south these days, but as far as I’m concerned, everything tech is booming in Montreal. (see this, this and this)

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