startyoutube StartYourTube is a new video platform, launched 2 weeks ago by Mark Bruneau (formerly CEO of Adventis & Bell Canada) and Daniel Robicheau (formerly Streamtheworld, also running Neotechcapital).

Their bet is that many want now to start their own community around videos, without mingling with mainstream video websites the likes of Youtube or Dailymotion. StartYourTube allows then anyone to have their own “tube”, with their customized design.

There is a strong parallel to be done with Ning, the get-your-own-social-network creator. We’ve all seen social networks like myspace, facebook or bebo sold at hundreds of millions a while ago, and now it’s Ning’s turn to get crazy valuations ($500 millions in its latest fundraising).

I am sure the StartYourTube founders have noticed the shift and are trying to replicate the trend in the video space. You can view “tubes” that were already created, since its launch early this month. I am sure this would be a great success for sports (one around the Canadiens would be an instant success for instance), for independent video producers who would want a customized place for their videos (like intruders), or for any other niche community that would want more control. Another path they can take is offering the platform for businesses who would want a video website around their company, without diluting their videos with catspoorly-produced videos.

One problem they might have overlooked though is that contrary to social networks where nobody is interested in getting thousands of contacts (at least in my case), it’s the inverse in videos. You don’t care who watch the videos, most of the time people publish a video to get the highest number of views. That’s why Youtube rules, and will probably stay the king of video in North America for a long time.

I’d like to believe though. They’ve got a top-notch executive team, funds, and, correct me if I am wrong, they are the first to launch this kind of product. Plus it’s also easier to monetize vertical communities than mainstream destinations.

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