, a media startup going on several fronts, has a new deal with myspaceTV. Watchmojo has videos served in 8 new channels, namely sports, business, video games, fashion, sports, business, auto, lifestyle and travel, which makes them the broadest content deliverers on myspaceTV.

The watchmojo fashion channel

You can view here one of the videos:

As most watchmojo videos, it’s upbeat, short, and informative, although I think the latter video was a tad over-produced. I know also they are shooting the videos in Montreal, but do not give any hint whatsoever that they are based in Montréal or in Canada, as they ultimately want videos to be watched by an international audience, and distributed to as many platforms as possible. The theory is that accumulated advertising revenues from all those web video portals is their path to profitability.

This model is in sharp contrast with other Internet media companies like revision3 which focuses on the host and show, instead of the content, which allows them to build an audience between videos.

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