Hugh McGuire, of Librivox fame, has launched a new blog called The blog is actually in english, and not in french as the name might suggest, and is “lobbying” for free and open access to all data held by the Canadian government. Hugh writes: is a group blog, inspired by, which believes all levels of Canadian governments should make civic information and data accessible at no cost in open formats to their citizens. The data is collected using Canadian tax-payer funds, and we believe use of the data should not be restricted to those who can afford the exorbitant fees

There is a very interesting presentation done by Hugh about data in the blog, how our ability to manage and digest it is our main advantage in this world, as a human being. He continues by saying that by allowing free and open access to data, we will get more democracy and more solved problems. I really like the idea, but I have yet to see what datalibre is suggesting as an open data format.

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  • hugh

    datalibre has no opinion about open data format … until such a time as someone who has opinions about open data formats joins the writing team and writes something about it!

  • Heri

    hey hugh i think you should ping michael geist on this. i think he should be interested

  • Edmond Guyette

    Why is it that released reminds me of one other similar one I read some place else?

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